• A taiko musuba (square knot), 2 part Nagoya type obi. Known as a tsukuri obi, tsuke obi or easy obi.
  • A silk, tsukuri (pre-tied), taiko knot, antique nagoya obi, plus a toning colour obijime. Also sometimes called a tsuke obi. This obi has a wonderful design of takarabune (treasure ships) and matsu (pine branches).
  • The musubi (rear knot) is stitched into shape and separate from the waist sash. The sash section has ties, you tie them around your waist, at the top of the sash, and tuck them behind the sash, out of sight. The rear section is held in place with an obijime (obi cord) and an obiage (obi scarf), like all taiko musubi are. Unusually, there is an obijime included with this obi. An obiage is not included.
  • Made and bought in Japan
  • Most obi, including two-part, pre-shaped taiko knot obi, require an obijime and obiage to hold the rear knot in place, both of which are always bought separately. With a taiko knot style obi, an obi makura (obi bustle pad) is worn inside the knot too, to pad it out at the top, though a few two-part taiko obis have a makura already inside the knot, however, most don’t. One can buy actual obiage, obijime and makura or one can improvise with these items
  • Please be aware that different monitors display colour slightly differently. Therefore the colour in the photos and description is a guide only
  • how to wear obi makura, obiage and obijime with your obi, on my blog, plus names of the parts of the obi, and a diagram with shapes and scale of the different obi types.





Measurements approx:

Rear knot section 30cm wide

Sash 15cm deep

Obi are one-size-fits-all items

Weight approx. 1.15 kilo

2 Part Obi - Ships

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