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wafuku - noun: traditional Japanese clothing


I offer a layaway service, with payment by installments on any item over 40.

Any item over 40 may be paid for in installments, up to 8 weekly installments for anything priced from 40 to 200, up to 16 weekly payments for any item priced over 200. The item will be held for you during this time.

*IMPORTANT* Please be aware that the first payment will include a 10 deposit, which is NOT refundable if you choose to cancel your order. It will cover admin costs and possible loss of sale while the item is on hold for you. I will refund any amount over 10 per item. The cost of the item being purchased will be divided into the number payments, the first payment being no less than the 10 deposit. Each item you purchase on layaway will require a 10 deposit. Your purchase will be mailed only when the final payment is completed.

The time and number of payments cannot be extended.

If you wish to purchase using Layaway, email your order to me (see below for details) and I will set up weekly invoices for you and send you an email with these layway rules for you to reply to in agreement.

Email me the item name and title, your name and address and the email you wish to use to receive the PayPal invoices. For example, the item title "Bold Bamboo Kimono" with the item code "mk190". See image below.

Email your order, with LAYAWAY ORDER in your email's Subject line, to...


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