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Kimono Information 8

Uses for Japanese Kimono Fabrics

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There is also a lot of information on my Wafuku blog. This link opens in a new window, leaving this window open

I also have furoshiki tying instructions here

You can see photos of the kimono that started wafuku.co.uk here

Uses for Japanese kimono and obi fabrics

Many people use the wonderful fabrics from Japanese kimonos and obi to make other things, such as cushions, table and bed runners, bags, patchwork items, framed pictures or converted into striking, western-world style clothing, such as dresses, skirts and jackets

Here you can see a selection of sumptuous cushions and tote bags made using silk from obis and, below those, courtesy of a site called japonic.com, a couple of nice examples of dresses made from kimonos; a black dress made using the silk from a tomesode kimono and a red one made from an embroidered furisode kimono







tomesode dress        furisode dress

kimono silk dress

Modern kimono fabric wedding gowns by Anna Niponica of Wedding Nouveau

wedding gowns from kimono fabric

Below you can see some lovely ways to display obis. The ends have been bound into fan and bow shapes and laid across the front

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