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*4 Koinobori Set

# xi500

*Enormously Long Pure Silk Cord

# xi488

*Small Japanese Inro - A

# xi458

*Small Japanese Inro - B

# xi459

*Small Japanese Inro - C

# xi460

*Small Japanese Inro - D

# xi461

2 Japanese Clothes Brushes

# xi238

27 Line Japanese Soroban Abacus

# xi302

27 Line Kodama Soroban Abacus

# xi274

27 Line Soroban Abacus

# xi275

5 Japanese Juggling Balls

# xi32

5 Mon Screen Printing Silk Screens C

# xi311

5 Nioi Bukuro

# xi188

5 Pairs Chopsticks

# xi214

6 Maiko Posters

# xi169

A Hinomaru Flag Pin

# xi421

Antique Embroidered Koto Cover

# xi229

Antique Japanese Gourd Bottle

# xi490

Antique Japanese Gourd Bottles

# xi489

Antique Koto Cover - Rare

# xi191

Antique Ornamental Little Pokkuri

# x1422

Beanie Lucky Cat

# xi416

Beautiful Large Temari With Tassel

# xi372

Black Laquered Japanese Tray

# xi233

Black Manekineko Hand Mirror

# xi283

Black Urushi & Raden Tray

# xi230

Boxed Lacquer Tray

# xi182

Boxwood Bunny Handle Spoon A

# xi354

Boxwood Bunny Handle Spoon B

# xi355

Boxwood Dragon Spoon A

# xi352

Boxwood Dragon Spoon B

# xi353

Boxwood Frog Handle Spoon

# xi357

Boxwood Snake Handle Spoon

# xi356

Boy's Kesho Mawashi - Sumo Apron

# xi215

Carp Banner 127cm

# xi399

Collectable Miniature Hifu - 26cm Long

# xi423

Crane & Kiri Purple Mirror Cover

# xi200

Cranes & Kiri Mirror Cover

# xi196

Cranes & Wave Mirror cover

# xi208

Cranes Motif Kinmakie Tray

# xi115

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wafuku - noun: traditional Japanese clothing

Japanese Haori Kimono Jackets - The Stylish, Japanese, Easy-Wear Option

Japan's Secret Treasure

A haori kimono jacket is an exquisite, easy to wear, traditional Japanese jacket that looks wonderful worn either casually with jeans or dressed up with evening wear. It's a long Japanese jacket, with deep, kimono style, swinging sleeves; always in lovely fabrics, often with lavish designs on the back. Men's haori have the sleeves attached most of the way down the body, like their kimonos do, and tend to be plainer on the outside than women's ones but men's often have exquisite designs on the lining. Haori kimono jackets, unlike kimonos, do not need a sash or obi; they are either worn open or loosely fastened at centre front with a himo tie but, although the Japanese don't wear them with a sash, they also look fabulous cinched in at the waist with a belt. Haori kimono jackets mix perfectly with western world style clothing, so are a great way of adding that touch of Japan to your wardrobe.

Haoris seem to be a well kept Japanese secret. We, over here in the West, all know about their lovely kimonos but few have ever even heard of haoris and it was long after I started my kimono collecting that I discovered these jackets that the Japanese sometimes wear on top of their kimonos.

I was focused only on kimonos, but eventually I bought a haori, just to see what it was like. From then on I was hooked. I love that I can now wear something so clearly Japanese with my everyday type clothing, something that's very striking and so different from what I see other people wearing. I think of them as one of Japan's secret treasures.

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