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Gift Vouchers

You can purchase Wafuku Gift Vouchers, to pay for items on this site. A voucher can pay for all or part of any item and makes a great gift.

To purchase a gift voucher, just click the button below and follow the simple steps. Choose a value from £5, £10, £15, £20... up to £500

Each voucher has a unique redemption code number on it, which is used when paying via Paypal, where you just put in your code and the value of the voucher is deducted from the total.

You can purchase the voucher and select to have it emailed to someone, adding your own message to it, or you can print it out.

Keep your voucher's code safe, especially if you decide to print it out, to make sure no one else can use it, as each code can only be used once and, like any other gift voucher you might buy, can be used by anyone. Also, only you have your voucher's code number, so don't lose it.

When filling in the details to purchase a gift voucher, you do not have to include a recipient email address if you are not sure to whom will give the gift certificate, or if you plan to print and personally deliver it. If a recipientís email address is indicated on a gift certificate, it may be redeemed only by the owner of that email address. It must be the email they use in Paypal too. If a gift certificate is sent to the wrong email address or is lost, it can be cancelled or refunded, at no charge, within 60 days of the purchase date.



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